basil pesto

I’ve always sorta liked pesto, but it really varied. If it was made with pine nuts, I didn’t […]

Basil Pesto – Perfection

Torie & Howard Candy 4

Who doesn't love giveaways? Everyone, right?! Well I have a special giveaway for you today. Lets see what it could be... Follow me to candy land (okay that's creepy)

It’s a… Christmas GIVEAWAY!

veggie pancakes topped with apple sauce

What do all those tasty ingredients make? Pancakes of course! Healthy ones that is. Sweet potato, quinoa, chickpea pancakes. Wow how's that for healthy and delicious?! Can I have 5 please?

Yummilicious Dinner Pancakes!

avocado stuffed eggs

These are different than deviled eggs because I used avocado instead of mayonnaise. An overall healthier version, that will bring a smile to your face and your guests. I just like to hover over my guests while they are eating, breathing down their necks, waiting for their reaction. Hoping that they light up from an explosion of taste buds, all with amazing flavors bursting in their mouth. You may end up doing the same thing to your guests... You were warned. Or should I say, "They were warned"?

Heaven Avocado Eggs

GF double chocolate chewy cookies

Well... I think I just packed on a good 10 pounds from eating these cookies. Seriously, I couldn't stop. These cookies are heaven. The chocolate and hazelnut become best friends, skipping along and blending together into one perfect, decadent, chewy bite. It's a taste you never want to leave your mouth. A taste so gratifying, you become spell bound. Caught up in a chocolate world. Caught in the taste, the texture, the chewy center and crispy sides. Oh golly, I'm starting to drool already... I must contain myself.

Oops, I did it again – Double Chocolate Chewy Hazelnut ...