Who am I?


I’m assuming you are wondering who I am. That’s a good question. Well my name is Emma (known as Little Gal). I’m a 20 something something year old who grew up mostly in Wyoming in a tiny town of 500 people (yeah, I’m a country girl). I have an unbelievable passion for baking, cooking, and organic living. And of course animals, nature, art, music, children, love and life. I love finding and making creative, organic, healthy tasting food. I created this blog to share my passion of baking and all things wonderful. I wanted a way to connect with people on another level and inspire others through my recipes and articles. Blogging is my therapy, so is baking and writing recipes. Combine that, and you have an amazing blogging life experience.

I’ve been Gluten Free for a while now (thanks to an allergy) and honestly it’s not as hard as people may think. Being gluten-free has expanded my cooking and baking skills. It has forced me to become even more creative with the way I cook and bake. Because of that, I have discovered a whole new love and creativity for baking. It’s a passion, a lifelong skill, something that I’ll always have. Baking and cooking bring me a sense of calm, it’s the only time where I feel complete and in a peaceful, creative zone. Where I can mix different ingredients and flavors together, making something tasteful, and beautiful. It’s amazing how plain ingredients can come together into something so wonderful and amazing looking.

That’s why I started this blog, to share the things I love, find funny and the recipes I create.

I named this blog “Little Gal in the City” because I’m just a little gal wearing a yellow dress. Skipping around town, waving my hands in the air and enjoying what life has to offer. All while eating a gluten free baguette, feeding ducks, birds, goats and squirrels.

Here are some disclaimers:

1) I can’t spell. Not even to save my own life… So that being said, please excuse any spelling errerors.

2) Even though I often wear a white coat and carry around a clipboard, I am not a doctor. Bummer

3) I have no idea what I’m doing, yet I do?

Three things you should know:

1) I have pretty sarcastic humor – it can be a good thing (when people understand it) but it can also be a bad thing (when people don’t understand it).

2) I have a very active imagination. That being said, my writing can get pretty “imaginative”. You’ll see…

3)  I get excited very easily, and will joke about throwing things out the window, knocking dishes off the shelves etc. It’s that burst of excitement I can’t quite handle. You’ll notice that also when reading my blog post.

Look at how much I’ve already rambled on about. Enough about me, please go enjoy my blog. I hope you find inspiration through my recipes and through my articles. I hope you even smile or laugh a tiny bit. Now click off this page, select a category that interests you and lose all your free time exploring my blog. 

Have a question? Want to know more about living Gluten Free, Organic or just want to chat? I’d be delighted to answer any questions! Simply fill out a contact form here and I’ll respond back as soon as I can!