These are different than deviled eggs because I used avocado instead of mayonnaise. An overall healthier version, that will bring a smile to your face and your guests. I just like to hover over my guests while they are eating, breathing down their necks, waiting for their reaction. Hoping that they light up from an explosion of taste buds, all with amazing flavors bursting in their mouth. You may end up doing the same thing to your guests... You were warned. Or should I say, "They were warned"?

Heaven Avocado Eggs

stuffed chicken with side salad

Apple fennel stuffed chicken? What could be better? This chicken is moist, flavorful and packed with a perfect combination of mouthwatering flavors. Serve with a side salad and all your guests will be drooling by the time you give them their dish! You may need a mop near by....

Apple Fennel Stuffed Chicken Breasts – BAMM!!