Co-Co for Coconut Butter; Shalalalala

What in the world is coconut butter? I have no idea! Well, actually… It’s shredded coconut blended up into a perfect, creamy, luscious sauce. That’s it! Seriously… Only one single ingredient. I made some muffins today; delightful little life sucker muffins. I knew I wanted to add coconut butter to them, to add healthy fats, fiber and protein. Coconut meat, which is what coconut butter is made from, has a low glycemic index (due to its high fiber content) and around 3g of protein per cup, and a good healthy portion of fat. Coconut butter also contains lauric acid, which has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties and acts to boost your immune system. Yup! Coconut butter contains all of that. I know… WOW!

I frolicked to the grocery store in my pink flower sweater, swinging my recycled cloth grocery bag. I absolutely love grocery stores and often lose hours of my day wandering around in one. I mean, who doesn’t do that?? Today I spent almost 2 hours, filled with excitment and wonder as I looked at everything around me. Overcome by so much joy, I couldn’t wait to spend my day baking and experimenting; if I ever get out of the store. I wandered over to the “nut butter” isle to look for coconut butter. I found it… for $15.00! Now, being someone who only buys the finest, highest quality food I know it’s at least three times the price. I’m fully prepared for that because I consider it an “investment” in my health. However, I was not going to spend $15.00 on coconut butter. So, I threw the jar on the ground and calmly said “Excuse me sir. This jar appears to be broken. I’ll take this random broken jar off your hands. I wouldn’t want it to go to waste”. Just kidding! I threw it on the ground, yelled “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” then gracefully walked away to the glorious bulk section.

From the moment I shattered the jar on the ground, cutting my legs and spreading coconut butter all over the place, I knew I must make my own. After doing a couple pushups in the bulk section, I found the shredded coconut. I quickly loaded a bag up with 1lb of unsweetened shredded coconut. Tossed it in my cart and skipped away happily. Saving myself over $10.00. So that meant I could load up on dark chocolate and dried mangos! Mmmmm…. don’t get me started on that… Okay, okay. I need to stop now.

Anyway, back to coconut heaven. I went home, dumbed all that coconut in my blender and blended that bad boy up real good. So good, it became a hot, creamy mess. I felt like a winner. Now you can get more creative and add sweetener, a little zest to jazz it up, some steak… I use this as a base to my recipes and create around it. So have fun with it! Make a coconut butter icing and rub it all over yourself, or your dog. Whichever you prefer. No judgement here 😉

I’ll stop talking now and write out the recipe (the one ingredient recipe, lol).

INGREDIENTS: Makes about 3 cups

  • 1lb unsweetened shredded coconut


  1. In a vitamix add the unsweetened shredded coconut. Slowly start the blender and gradually increase the speed. Use the “plunger” and keep pushing it down. After 2 min or so, you’ll have a smooth, creamy consistency. That’s what you want!
  2. Store in a cute glass jar, in your fridge and enjoy!


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