Four days, 5000 boxes? 1

If you read my last post, you would have known I’ve been packing boxes for my brothers company, Conscious Box. It has been 4 days and we have packed 5000 boxes.

I’m about to tell you about it all. So get ready, this may be long. But surely you will enjoy it. Specially if you’re bored. Is it specially or especially?

These past few days have been incredibly busy and wonderful at the same time. Wonderful because I love working hard and I love pushing my body, making myself work harder and stronger than before. Busy because well, how can it not be busy. I mean come on, 5000 boxes. That’s a lot. Period.

Working these past few days has opened me up to so many different things. One, the different types of personalities in a work place. Two, I can be boss. Three, I control what people do. Four, people listen to me, well most people. Let me go into story time now. But first I’ll apologize for how off track my writing is about to become. That’s what I do. I write my thoughts and my thoughts are always jumbled up. So please try to follow along as best as you can.

As you may know by now. I’ve been one of the bosses, the head master, the controller, the one who makes sure everyone is doing their jobs. Most of the people listened to me. And I respected them for that and they respected me. However, there were a few people who didn’t listen to me, and who wouldn’t listen to me. At all… Let me start with this one guy, let’s call him Bill. Bill is a nice guy, well educated, speaks well, has a big vocabulary (honestly I had to look up some words) and very opinionated. One thing he couldn’t figure out was, who was in charge. I would tell him what needed to be done and what he has to do. But he wouldn’t listen. He would tell me what he thought we should be doing different and he started to take over my “higher power” job. Doing what I was meant to do and changing things up. It really got on my nerves. But I just laughed it off and continued to try to get him to do what he was suppose to do in the first place. Which never worked. I swear I was invisible to him. He never showed me the time of day. Except when I tripped over a pile of boxes and fell flat on my face. He made a small laughing sound over my nervous giggles. Everyday I tried to get him to listen to me. He would always tell me different ways we should be doing things and I would always affirm him and tell him he has great ideas, however we have to stick with what we already have planned. I honestly believe he wants a higher part in the company. He was confused on who to kiss up to.

On our last work day he was full on into new ideas. Every time I said something he would never look at me and always ended up starting another conversation with someone whom he thought was the one he should be kissing up to. But little does he know, the man he was talking to isn’t involved with the company.

Towards the end of the day we had to load up the U haul and drive everyone to storage to then unload the U haul. I was driving a group of people to the storage and Bill was suppose to be one of them. I told him to come with me but he never followed me and said “I don’t know who I’m suppose to go with” then my brother tells him to come with me. But still he wouldn’t get in the car, he was wondering around. I told him one more time that I was taking him to storage, and to get in the car ( I may have threatened him here) but still he wouldn’t get into the car. That’s when the older gentleman drove up (who isn’t involved with the company) and Bill climb into his car. I just laughed and shook my head. Poor Bill if he only new who he needed to kiss up to. Unfortunately, he didn’t leave me with a very good impression. If he wants more out of this he needed to kiss up to me. If I see him as someone who could be good for the company then I go to my brother and tell him. That’s how it works. But Bill ignored everything about me. It’s pretty easy kissing up to me too. But he blew it. Now I’m not judging him at all. He’s a good guy and a great worker. He just made a mistake and choose the wrong people to kiss up to. If he comes back next month, I’ll give him another chance. And I’m going to tell him, the person he needs to impress is me. I’m very opinionated so it’s best to leave me with good opinions about yourself.

Another problem I struggled with was no one got my humor. At all… I have more of a sarcastic type humor but no one new I was joking half the time. They all thought I was either really serious or just plain rude. Thats one problem I’ve noticed, not very many people get sarcastic humor. Which isn’t so fun. I end up just laughing at myself. However there was one girl who understood my humor and it was great! We laughed a lot. Which is always good in a work place.

After that we went out to dinner. It was just my mom, my brother, his friend and me. We went to this restaurant my mom and I have gone to a lot. So that means we have gotten to know some of the people. When we walked in the guy at the front desk sees me and says “hi! Nice to see you again. Weren’t you away at school?” which I replied back “hi, nice to see you too. Nope, I’ve been here the whole time”. He then seated us took our drink order and left. Later he came back with our drinks- I just had water, my mom had a beer and the two guys had a glass of wine. The waiter guy sets the beer down in front of me and pours it into a glass. He then hands me the beer (which I’m not old enough to drink. I’m not sure how old he thinks I am) and says again ” I thought you left for school or something” to which my brother says
” yeah, she just for back from Harvard. She’s a professor there.” and I said “that’s right, I am a professor.” He then smiles and says “oh is that right” then leaves. I’m wondering how old this guy thinks I am. He looks about 30ish to me. We all were laughing at how he handed me the beer. Really? Sometimes I feel like I look like an 8 year old. Well, ok maybe not that young. But still. I get that a lot though. I have some women come up to me and start taking about different types of wine, some people ask me if I’ve graduate college and one person thought I was married – to my brother…
I think I’m going to start making up stories to tell people. I may even through in an accent to trip them up a bit.

Back to the packing story:
When we finished everything and I dropped everyone off at their homes I went and got a massage. Oh my was that heaven! I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. After the massage I was so relaxed I could barely walk straight. Then when I got back into the dressing room I couldn’t unlock my locker. I swear for like 2 min I was twisting and pulling and trying to get it unlocked. And the whole time I was thinking, ” oh man I’m going to have to get someone to come break my locker open. I can’t just walk out there like this. Why isn’t this working. I must be doing something wrong.” Luckily, there was another woman in the dressing room and I turned to her and said “I can’t get this open” she comes over and asks ” is the key in the wrong way?” and as it turns out, it was. She opened it so fast. I said thank you and joked that I’m just so relaxed. After I got dressed I made my way down stairs to pay. When I got down there, the lady at the front desk comes up to me and says “Emma, Jameson stopped by and payed for your massage, gratuity included.” Jameson is my oldest brother. I can’t even tell you how wonderful that made me feel. That was the nicest thing anyone has done for me and it was the best surprise. It ended my night in such a wonderful way.

After being on such a high these past few days by body is starting to crash. I’m reaching a low. And when I start dropping, I start eating a lot. Which I guess some people say is emotional eating. But I think of it as a happy feast. At least I’m not eating candy bars. There’s nothing wrong with a box of waffles, bars, and english muffins in one day. But hey, that doesn’t matter. Right? That is what tomorrow’s are for. You mess up today, tomorrow will be a new day to mess up again but this time try a little harder not to mess up so much.

My days are slowing but they are about to pick back up again. We have 6000 boxes we need to put shipping labels on. That will be fun. I’m looking forward to the work.

I hope you could follow everything.

Again please excuse any spelling, grammar and/or punctuation. That’s not my gift.


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  • Doris Marsh

    Good story! I’ll have to get “more details.” That was wonderful of Jameson to pay for your massage…you worked hard, fast and efficient….first one there and last one to leave!