Hilary’s Eat Well Delectable Black Rice Burger GIVEAWAY 6

May-giveaway-IMAGE1The first time I ever heard about Hilary’s Eat Well was from a coworker I use to work with. I brought in a frozen veggie burger for lunch, it wasn’t my favorite. It easily fell apart, the taste wasn’t quite there. But I ate it anyway. My coworker noticed the disappointed look on my face over this bland veggie burger and told me about a great company called Hilary’s Eat Well. She told me how delicious these burgers were and that they were the best veggie burgers she has tried. I immediately wanted to run to the store and buy all their burgers.

I quickly gobbled up the cardboard, bland veggie burger I was eating and dreamed about the wonderful taste of Hilary’s. The next day I went to our local health food store, ran down the aisle to the frozen section and low and behold there I saw Hilary’s. I heard angels calling, the glass case was glowing white light, I reached my arms out towards the door wanting to hold all those little veggie burgers in my arms. I opened the door, the cold breeze quickly made me shiver while my bare legs touched the freezing glass door. I zoned out. Looking at the delicious veggie burgers. I began to get excited, too excited with an uncontrollable grin spread across my face. Reading the label; gluten free, dairy free, yeast free, egg free, soy free, nut free, corn free, healthy fats, non GMO. I got so excited I picked one up and threw it at the person next to me, right. in . the. face. Before I knew it, I had all the veggie burgers in my arms. I quickly snapped back into reality and immediately ran away with a cart full of veggie burgers, being as greedy as ever.

When I took my first bite of Hilary’s Black Rice Veggie Burger, I almost jumped through a glass door. It. Was. That. Good. I grabbed our toaster and threw it out the window, my excitement level was getting out of control. I took another bite, oh my goodness. The taste was unbelievable, the flavors were bursting in my mouth, the texture was perfect. Crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. I couldn’t handle this. It was too good. I took another bite and this time I opened up our cupboard and threw all our glass plates on the floor. I had to leave the kitchen, but I took my Hilary’s burger with me.

When Hilary’s Eat Well contacted me to do a giveaway for their new Black Rice Burger, I almost threw my laptop off the balcony. First, I was shocked. Then I was extremely excited. Finally, I ran around the house and told everyone I knew and didn’t know. I’ve never done a giveaway before, but I can say I’m so excited Hilary’s will be my first one. They are a great company, no a wonderful, marvelous, extraordinary company. They care about what we put in our bodies, they care about the quality of their ingredients and where they come from, and they care about eating healthy, avoiding GMO’s and the needs of so many people with food allergies or special diets. Their burgers are free from common food allergies making it so easy and wonderful for those who have a hard time finding healthy foods to eat. AND you can just pop one of these bad boys into your toaster to cook. How quick and easy! Perfect for when you are in a hurry.

I was given 3 free product coupons for their new Black Rice Burger. And three lucky winners will receive 1 coupon to enjoy Hilary’s Burgers. You’ll be able to run to the store, knocking over anything that gets in your way. Slide down the frozen aisle, fling open the case and grab yourself a free burger to try. You’ll most likely come back to the store the same day and fill your cart with them.

Simply leave a comment below. Tell me your favorite dish to make and I’ll randomly select 3 winners on May 30th. 

Even if you are a meat eater (which I am) you’ll still enjoy these burgers! They are for EVERYONE. I love to eat them. All. The. Time. Give them a try and try not to break anything, it can be tempting.

BlackRiceBurger-SaladWow, that looks incredible! I almost, almost threw my laptop…

– A girl who gets out of control over veggie burgers and all things food,


A Few More Needed Words:

All words are my own words. Hilary’s has not paid me for writing about their burger. I truly love their burgers and believe they are the best veggie burgers I have tasted. Anyone 13+ can enter.  All prizes (coupons) will be mailed to you by Hilary’s Eat Well. I can’t wait for you to try their burgers! Have fun and I look forward to hearing what all your favorite dishes to make are! 

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6 thoughts on “Hilary’s Eat Well Delectable Black Rice Burger GIVEAWAY

  • Elise Flanagan

    I love making Hilary’s veggie burger for dinner with avocado slices on top. Sometimes, I’ll have a side of spinach too. They are so delicious and filling. I have been obsessed wtith them since I heard about them from the Food babe! Thanks for all your amazing posts!! Elise

  • Lexy Folkes

    I love these burgers! They are best served cooked in coconut oil with fresh avocado and arugula on top! I eat them almost every day and they’re life savers. No more staring at the empty freezer with no clue what to make for lunch, I just grab a veg burger and I’m satisfied for hours. I could throw my laptop off a balcony too just thinking of them! You are such a hilarious and great writer. Thanks for all your ingenious and delicious recipes. I hope you do a bunch more give aways!

  • Ande

    Hmmm, that is a tough question! When I am cooking, I use all sorts of ingredients, never write anything down, and the dish always turns out delish – I would have to say that I continually enjoy cooking/baking all types of homestyle pizza and asian stir-fry , though not together 🙂 I love to bake cookies and tarts…together is just fine:) Love the article -comically intense!