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I’m going to jump right into what I came here to write. No introduction or random chatting about random things. I might already be getting into the random chatting. Oh No… I guess it’s not possible for me to write or talk without a little bit of randomness thrown in somewhere. Anyways I’ll start from the very beginning, way back to November (or was it December?) well it was one of those months back in 2012 and that is where my story will begin…

It was one of those evenings, the kind where you are laying on the living room floor wondering what to do with yourself. I checked my phone for anything new, scrolled through some of my apps, went on Facebook, looked at Instagram, checked my mail, looked through my recent pictures of food and animals and did everything again, about three more times. The third time I checked my mail for something new and exciting, was when I saw an email from my Aunt Wendy. She was asking me if I would like to go to Iceland with her in February. I became incredibly excited. I was picturing everything, how it would be, everything we will see, the whole shabam. No more being sprawled out on the living room floor, waiting for something exciting to happen.

During the next few months of planning and telling the whole world about my upcoming trip to Iceland, I was just plain excited. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to Iceland. To another country. I’ve been working my butt off, literally. Trying to finish everything I need to have done at work before I leave and getting my self together. Which in my case, causes a lot of brain fog. Where am I? Why am I standing in my closet? How come I’m holding this squash? Where did I put my pants? Now what was I writing about? Oh yeah, Iceland.

It is now February, seriously? These past 2-3 months have come and gone so fast. My Birthday is March 2nd, just to throw that in there. I will be doing some pretty amazing things in Iceland for the big day (lots of pictures to come). Anyway, I leave tomorrow to catch a bus to Seattle (My aunt lives in Seattle). This is will be my first time visiting Seattle. So it’s kind of a big deal. Also a very nervous, empty stomach kind of feel. Then on Thursday we head to the airport to get on our flight for Iceland. We arrive in Iceland on March 1st at 6:30am and from then on we go on tours and visit lots of extravagant things. I will be bringing a Canon camera so I will take a lot of amazing pictures! That i’m very excited about.

I still haven’t packed my suit case. Whats up with that? If you know me I would’ve had my suit case packed a week ago. Now i’m just frantically running things through my mind trying to remember everything I need. I did get my laundry done so I can check that off the list.

I’m extremely nervous let me repeat that EXTREMELY however i’m also very excited. I’m getting that deep sinking feeling in my tummy, rapid heart beat and shaky hands. I have a tiny bit of separation anxiety okay maybe a little more than a tiny bit. But I can’t focus on that, or the thought of being away from my mom and brothers and animals. This is going to be a great experience and i’m going to have a great time. That’s what I need to focus on.

It’s about time for me to stop writing. I’ll have more to write about and share when I get back. It’s time for me to get more things together and hopefully this brain fog will clear.

Be prepared for some amazing pictures!

My Packing List: (Basically for my own needs while my mind is thinking)

Passport (check)
ID (check)
Suit case (check)
Pants (check)
Warm shirts (check)
Warm socks (check)
Bathing suit (check)
Underwear (check)
Jackets (check)
Rain coat (check)
Credit card (check)
Boots (check)
Hat (check)
Snacks (check)
Camera (check)
Book (check)
Camera Charger (check)
Phone (check)
Phone charger (check)
Shampoo/Conditioner (check)
Contacts (check)
Glasses (check)
Contact solution (check)
Contact case (check)
Tooth brush/paste (check)
Soap (check)
Face wash/lotion (check)
Fleece jackets (check)
Brush (check)

Anything Else??

Creative thoughts?

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  • Ma

    I visited Iceland so many years ago. Now that I have a family (3 little kids), I can’t wait to go back and show them what it’s like. Reykjavik is a cute town. I was also there in February. You are very lucky! HAVE FUN!!!