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I believe a dogs goal in life is to make us happy. Nothing is like the love and affection of a dog, your true best friend.

As I sit here, curled up on the chair with my dog, looking out at the river and crystal clear blue skies, my mind wanders.  Ed Sheeran, ‘Kiss Me’ is playing in the background, while I think about everything. Inspiration being one of the many things occupying my mind.

Inspiration is found everywhere, whether it be in nature, the sunset, falling leaves, in a dogs eyes, or a chirping bird. No matter where you are, inspiration is surrounding you. I can’t go a day, an hour, not even 5 minutes without something, anything inspiring me. I think when so many things, even the smallest of things inspire you so easily, the world appears how it is seen through a childs eyes. Children are innocent, precious, beautiful little creatures. They see the world with such amazement. Excitement and wonder shine brightly through their eyes, and the smiles on their faces. A mossy rock, a tiny ant, a big tree, a happy dog wagging it’s tail, all make a child grin with such joy. Their little hands and feet exploring the world, gripping the dirt, sand, grass, and watching the clouds go by. All of God’s beauty is seen through a child’s eyes, they are inspired by the smallest of things to the largest.

When did we stop noticing the beauty God made, or listening to the sounds of nature, or enjoying the coolness of the shade? When I was little everything was amazing, I was “wow’d” by everything around me. I played outside in nature, creating, and imagining until sundown. Honestly, I don’t think I ever lost that, though. I may be older but just because you grow up doesn’t mean you ever have to stop creating, imaging and playing in nature. I get up every morning and go for a 2 hour walk, filling myself up with the amazing, beautiful world God created. I roll around with my dog, laughing, playing, wrestling and enjoying her happy nature. I can’t help but smile at her.

People become too serious about life, work, and money. Ego becomes involved and everything is lost. I think most people need to take a step back, calm down, relax, lay down in the green grass looking up at the sky with a child on their right and a dog on their left. Watch the clouds slowly go by, watch the birds fly above their head, listen to nature, really listen to it. Have a conversation with a child, let their innocent nature take over you, listen to their knowledge, and laugh, laugh until your stomach hurts and your cheeks are sore. People don’t do that enough, they then become stressed, irritable, and lost.

I get overly excited over nature and the beauty seen in the world. When I go on walks in the morning, I catch myself stopping to look at something that caught my eye and saying “WOW”. I stray off the paths, climb over rocks, trees, and through bushes, in awe the whole time. Sometimes I just want to sit down in the bushes, listen to the water around me flowing over rocks, birds chirping, rustling of leaves from a creature exploring and the swaying of trees moving to their own song. It’s absolutely amazing. There are no words to describe the beauty around us. All the different colors, shapes, each made with such delicacy, each unique, each with their own beauty and form.

When I’m outside and I hear the birds chirping or the squirrels chattering away, I can’t help but grin.  I often wonder what they are saying to each other, they each have their own conversations, their secret language. I love animals, they are so fun to observe and laugh at. They all have their own personalities that crack me up. It’s adorable.

Sometimes I think I love a little too much, how is that possible? I just can’t help myself when I  love, whether it be animals, people or nature, my stomach fills with such love and excitement it almost explodes. I can’t stop laughing, I can’t stop grinning, I can’t sit still, I want to and need to fill up the people around me with all the love I feel. When I play with my pets, specially my dog I just want to hug her so tightly because she’s so cute, adorable and I love her. The way she steals my things and looks at me with a sock hanging out of her mouth, the way her tongue slightly peaks out, and how she talks, A LOT. It’s all too much.

Some people are afraid to love because by loving so much, you also get hurt. But it’s worth loving, love with every bit of your heart, and soul. I’ve felt more love than hurt, and yes I have had my heart broken many times but love feels so good, it’s worth it in the end. I’ve been told I’m too attached, but I can’t imagine living a life without the love and attachment I have towards the people and animals in my life. It makes life more meaningful. People should show more love, it makes everything better. Don’t be afraid to show love, express love, give love, and receive love. It brings the best things in life. Love is risky, but it’s a risk I’ve always, and will always be willing to take.

You see, know matter where you are, there is inspiration and beauty surrounding you. Whether it be in a child’s eyes, a dogs caring heart, or a caterpillar crawling across a leaf. If we open our eyes, heart and soul, we will experience the world in  whole new way. The way God intended us to see it. Go outside and look, really look at the world around you. Listen, really listen to the sounds surrounding you. And enjoy what life has to offer, let go of your stress, free your heart and soul, open it up to a whole new world, and breathe.

Psalm 23: 2-3 “He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.”

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