Let’s Get Energized; Juice it up!

Juice, juice, juice it up! Fresh morning juice is so nourishing. A few months ago I purchased one of the Breville Juicers. I was always purchasing organic cold pressed juice in the stores and realized I could be saving money by making the juices at home. I love anything with greens. We don’t get enough greens in our diet, so I’m very conscious of including lots of greens and vegetables in my meals. Even though this juice isn’t green, I love it for its inflammation fighting properties. Plus it’s high in vitamin C, boosts your immune system, soothes your digestive system and wakes. you. up.

For awhile I was on a good routine of working out every morning, showering, then juicing my vegetables to drink with my breakfast and out the door to work I went. I’ve been out of it lately with having to move multiple times and having my job change. This week started off rough. On Tuesday I was so down I just wanted to curl up in bed and cry. I made it through work and I called my mom multiple times and talked it out with her. Wednesday, I couldn’t sleep and was up at 3am. I drank lots of coffee and really forced myself to workout and get my day started right. Working out in the morning really sets my day. It helps me greatly. When I miss a day, week, weeks, I become very down and my focus is off. For the rest of the week, I’ve been working out and actually making myself healthy meals. For awhile I was just eating bars and green drinks.

Getting myself to workout in the morning doesn’t come easy. I have to really boost myself up, play music and remind myself how much better I will feel afterwards. Some days are a struggle but I make sure to completely finish my workout, even if I move a little slower and take a little longer. If you don’t need to boost yourself up then you’re obviously on crack, lol. Can I have some? I’m working my way through the workouts from BBG, I LOVE them! At the end of every workout, out of breath and sweating, I always say out loud; “Yay! I did it, good job. I did it!” Then I go and chest bump the wall. Who doesn’t do that?!

Anyway, I feel alot better as I get back on track. I may not be where I want to be (physically) or where I once was but I’m getting there! One day at a time. Another reminder that I’m not going to have a chiseled body in one day, lol. Having a balanced, healthy life is much better, anyway.

The juice I made this morning consists of; carrots, ginger, turmeric, lemon and apple. I’ve made it also with golden beets, which is a great addition and boosts the vitamin C and A content. Always use organic produce to prevent the ingestion of pesticides and gmos. We’re trying to get and stay healthy!

Now, I need to stop blabbering on and get to the recipe.


2-3 organic small-medium carrots

1-2 inch organic turmeric root, peeled (stains everything, so be careful)

1-2 inch organic ginger root, peeled

1/2 small organic lemon, peeled

1 organic apple (I used gala)

2 organic golden beets, peeled (optional)


  1. In your juicer, start with the turmeric and ginger. Then juice the lemon, carrots, beets (if adding them), and finish with the apple.
  2. Pour into a fine looking glass and enjoy!

Now go run around and bask in all the health benefits you just supplied your body.

A girl trying to find her routine and becoming a glowing beauty of health,

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