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Ok, I told you all I would be writing my third article in my organic living series tonight and now is the best time. Usually before bed is when I have the most thoughts running through my head and plus having two cats laying on you and bathing each other really adds to the whole thinking process.

I am writing this article on organic vs non-organic and why organic foods have more nutrients than non-organic. Now I’m sure those of you who are already into organic living know why organic is a whole lot better. But recently the news put out a blurb saying there is no difference between organic and non-organic foods, nutrient whys. And I am here to tell you all why that information is completely and ridiculously false. Can you tell this stuff bothers me? I hate when people put false information out into the world. Putting that aside, I’ll begin what I planned on writing.

First off when you type in, organic food is better than non organic, on the Internet you get ridiculous information. Tons of articles come up stating there is no difference what so ever. One article said organic foods can be harmful to children. What??? Thats just a bunch of bull, and honestly I think it’s all common sense.

Organic foods have loads more nutrients than non organic for four reasons.

1) organic foods aren’t sprayed with harmful pesticides.

2) organic foods aren’t heavily processed.

3) organic foods don’t use unknown “chemical” ingredients.

4) if we start talking about meats, eggs and milk, organic is better for many important reasons. No animal abuse, no added hormones, they’re not grain fed, they are free range (free to rome around, not caged) no fake “chemicals” injected into the animals. Specially in meat animals to make them more plump.

Do you know how harmful the pesticides are that they spray on our food? Well I’ll tell you.

1) they effect our hormones (in bad ways). In women it can effect our menstrual cycles, our moods, and infertility. In men it can cause low testosterone.

2) it has been found to cause autism and ADHD.

3) it can cause cancer. And there have been studies showing the direct cause of cancer in some cases linked to pesticides.

4) other causes include; eye, liver, kidney or spleen problems. A recent artical additionally describe anemia, cardiovascular, stomach and intestinal problems as related to pesticide exposure.

5) it’s not only bad for us humans. By using pesticides and spraying our foods , it runs off into our streams and water and causes harm to all the wildlife who drink or bathe out of the streams, and rivers.

Let me give some examples why organic is better. First, I’m going to bring up eggs, meat, and milk.
It’s important to buy eggs organic because the chickens aren’t abused and free range, they are grass fed, no grains or corn. Meat and milk are also very important because buying them organic means there are no added hormones, which if you didn’t know they add artificial hormones to our food (which does no good to our bodies, we aren’t made to artificially add hormones to our bodies) they are also free range and grass fed. Now more about the milk, they process the milk and take out any natural occurring nutrients it has and they then add artificial “nutrients”. Like hormones, and you’ll see some milk say vitamin D added, which is artificial vitamin D and our bodies will just reject all of that and respond with uncomfortable, terrible side effects, and sickness, which will then be treated with horrible prescription drugs, I’ll get into that in a later article. Back to the milk, you also definitely don’t want fat free or skim milk. That’s just crap. It does nothing for your body, we need the fats but if you are buying non organic milk then you’re better off having fat free or skim milk because the non organic whole milk will just give your body the wrong fats (which will make you fat) but if you buy organic whole milk non homogenized you are giving your body healthy fats which we need. Eating fat free foods does nothing for you and won’t help you loose weight it will just confuse your body and screw up your metabolism.

Please drink organic whole milk! It’s so much better for you. Eat organic free range, grass fed eggs and meat. And most importantly eat organic fruits and veggies. Stay away from packaged foods. And if you want to loose weight eat healthy fats, like organic unrefined virgin coconut oil. It HAS to be unrefined. I eat fats all the time, I add coconut oil to my hot drinks (which makes your lips soft, bonus!) I cook everything in coconut oil, add it to smoothies etc. That will be another article. Now I’m getting off track. I hope this all makes since and runs smoothly together. I tend to jumble things up when I try to write my thoughts down. There is too much in my head and I can’t get it out fast enough or clear enough. I hope this at least gives you some sense on to why organic is better for you. One of my most important reasons for organic meats is the animals aren’t abused or treated poorly like most non organic farms. Have you seen those movies or videos of how poorly they treat the animals?? It makes me sick. How would they ( the people) like it to be treated like that? It’s cruel and sometimes I just want to go give them a piece of my mind. I don’t understand how people can abuse animals. If we didn’t have organic farms I would definitely be a vegetarian just because I don’t want to support the abuse that goes on.

Ok, I’m starting to just blabber on. Here are some pictures that I hope help you more.


This picture shows the nutrient levels in some organic fruits/veggies vs non organic (conventional).


This should help you find which foods are organic or conventional.


This one is for those of you who want to take it slow in switching to all organic. It shows which foods are the most important to buy organic and which ones that are ok ( which means they aren’t sprayed with pesticides as much as the others).

Again I hope this helps most of you. I may have more thoughts at night but they sure can be all over. My next article will be on the “scary seven” what’s lurking in our foods and potentially harming us. Scared yet? I’ve been scared since I was 5. And now, I hope to some how make a difference in our world and show people the healthy way we all should be living.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on organic vs non organic. What do you believe in and why? And if you think of anything else I should add to this article, let me know.

“The foods you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” – Ann Wigmore

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