Sleepless in Seattle

I’m sitting in the airport in Seattle waiting for our flight to Iceland. We board in 1 1/2 hours. I experienced the city of Seattle, it sure is a city. It’s a little too big for me.

Last night we went to dinner at this really nice restaurant. I forgot the name, of course. I got a yummy salmon with Brussel sprouts and asparagus topped with a pesto sauce. It was quite tasteful. After that I went to bed. I know exciting.

Today we drove down to Pikes Market (I think that’s what it’s called) it was very different from what I’m use to. There are a lot of different types of people. Everyone seems so forward always trying to sell you something or talk to you or ask or money. I didn’t like it. So I kept walking and never made eye contact. Which is not me. I usually always make eye contact and at least say no thank you. But these people freaked me out. I didn’t feel comfortable so I didn’t look at them. We past some place where guys were throwing fish and I saw the original Starbucks. I past some scary people one the street. Some were twitching uncontrollably and I had one lady walk up and stand uncomfortably close to me holding 5 pennies and asking if I could spare some change. I ran away with my arms flailing in the air, screaming.

We went and got some breakfast at a place called bitc* biscuits. It was all biscuits and gravy and everything on the menu had bitc* in it. I don’t swear so I really didn’t want to order my food. So what did I do? I had my grandma say it. And let me tell you it sounds so funny hearing it come out of her mouth.

Then later we headed back to my aunts apartment and called a taxi to take us to the airport. I’ve never been in a taxi before and it was gross. The driver kept slamming on his breaks for no reason and he had what looked like lice all over his shoulders. I couldn’t wait to get out and wash my hands.

Once we got to the airport we went through security and I had to go through the body x-ray thing with my legs apart and arms in the arm above my head. Awkward. Then I went to get my stuff and went on the wrong side and had two security people telling me to get behind the line. Oops. I just wanted my shoes.

Now I’m sitting at my terminal waiting to leave. I’m nervous. My heart is racing and I have a nervous head ache. I’m sweating also. The airport is hot! Unless its just me.

There is a line forming for some reason maybe I should get in it. I think I’m suppose to. I don’t know where my aunt went. She said she was getting food. Hmmm. I guess I should stand up now. Ok I’m going to.

Wait false alarm. I don’t think I need to. Sitting back down.

Here are some pictures of Seattle from today.






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