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Have you ever made something and it just doesn’t turn out? You pull it out of the oven and it looks terrible? Well I have, but that’s what happens. You learn from it, you start over and you tweak the recipe, making it even better, tastier and much more creative looking. That’s what baking/cooking is about. You mess up and learn from it and that’s what makes you a better cook. Learn from your experiences and create something amazing.

I love to bake, I have all my life. I’ve even worked my way through a baking book from the beginning to the end. This last year I’ve gotten really into cooking. I’ve always loved cooking but I never did much of it. Until a year ago. I started cooking a lot and experimenting with flavors and seasonings, creating in my mind a “masterpiece” I think of cooking as an empty canvas, where you create your own “picture”. Mixing together unique items creating a colorful, tasteful meal. I not only like to make food taste good I want it to look creative. So creative, where all you want to do is look at the food, already imagining what it tastes like, filling your senses with an amazing smell that over whelms your senses to the point where you finally need to stop looking and take a bite. A slow, mouth watering bite making you eat each bite with such delicacy because you never want the taste to end. That’s what I call creative cooking. I love the feeling after I make a meal and stepping back to see how single items can come together to make such a beautiful “masterpiece”. It’s how I feel after I paint a picture. I start with an empty canvas and blend different colors together creating a beautiful unique painting filled with every emotion I’m feeling. It’s what makes something beautiful. When you put your heart and soul into something you love it will come out beautiful and unique each time. Even when you mess up, that’s life. And each mess up teaches you something new and expands your vision and skills into creating your perfect picture, your perfect meal.

Cooking, baking and painting soothes my soul, it creates a calmness inside me and let’s out all my creative thoughts that seem to be stuck inside. Everytime I walk into a store that involves cooking or baking items I become the happiest person. It brings me such excitement and ideas flood through my head. It happens even when I walk into an art store. Those things are the most wonderful things. If you love something go after it and fill it with all the creativeness, love and passion you have. You’d be surprised at how well you’ll be at it.

Here is a picture of one of my mess ups. Last year for Valentines day I tried to make up Gluten free, vegan chocolate raspberry cupcakes. Even though I’m not vegan I just wanted to try something new. And that’s how it ended up. Which made for a great laugh. But I realized I added too much of some ingredients and too little of other ingredients. My second time around turned out great, the cupcakes turned out amazing. It’s always fine to screw up because the second time will be better, the third time will be amazing and if you need to do another try, then the fourth time will be spectacular. And it will be worth it. However, if you get to the fifth try just throw everything and say “screw it”. Because obviously five times is a lot of screw ups.


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