Taste Guru June Box Review

Once again, Taste Guru does it again! Every month the boxes keep getting better and better!!

(5 out of 5 stars)


This is my 3rd month receiving Taste Guru and every month I’m more and more impressed. Taste Guru is a 100% Gluten-Free subscription box filled with about 8-10 (AMAZING) snacks. They always go above and beyond. Every month you receive at least 3-5 full size products along with a recipe card on how to make that certain product.

True fact when I opened my June Taste Guru box I enthusiastically said out loud, “ OH MY GOODNESS! A gluten free magazine!”. Seriously this was an amazing surprise AND it was the current June issue. The box is always stuffed full, going through each item is a joyful experience. It’s hard NOT to consume everything at once. I received 8 items in my June Box.

Taste Guru June Box – Jackson’s Honest Potato Chips: These are my favorite chips. I always try to buy them when I’m at the store and I was so excited to see a bag of them in my June Box. These potato chips are 100% organic and non-gmo. They are made with coconut oil and a little sea salt. Definitely a guilt free snack.

Taste Guru June Box – Wondergrain Whole Grain Sorghum: Whole grain sorghum I have never tried. I’ve baked with sorghum flour before and it’s pretty great. I’m excited to try this product. They included a recipe card on how to cook with whole grain sorghum, which is very helpful. It looks like quinoa.

Taste Guru June Box – Free for All Kitchen Brownie Thins: I saw the word chocolate and immediately had to try them. So I threw everything off the counter and quickly ripped open the bag. These are incredible. The texture is similar to a graham cracker, so it has a nice crispy crunch. It has the perfect amount of sweet, dark chocolate flavor, curbing that sweet tooth craving.

Taste Guru June Box Oberto Beef Jerky: I’m picky about my beef jerky. I needs to be organic, grass fed, humanely raised. I absolutely love jerky and will munch on it as a snack. I gave this jerky a try, I knew it wouldn’t kill me not being organic but I felt bad that the cow probably wasn’t a nice family pet who lived a happy life before he became this jerky.  It was tasty but surprisingly a little too sweet.

Taste Guru June Box Luna Minis Lemon Zest & Chocolate Dipped Coconut:  I’ve never had a Luna Bar before so I was really excited to finally try one (again I know these aren’t organic but this isn’t an organic box. Just a gluten free box. So I took the risk). With the addition of two different flavors I was pleasantly pleased with both the flavors. Lemon Zest had the perfect amount of lemon flavor and was refreshing. Chocolate dipped coconut was delightful. Not too much coconut and just the right amount of chocolate coating the whole bar.

Taste Guru June Box Kameda Crisps Sweet Chili Peanuts: I have not tried these yet. I’m a little weary about it. It’s a mixture of peanuts in a sweet chili powder. I’m not a fan of the ingredients. I read the ingredients and all I saw was “fish, fish extract, seaweed extract, etc” so now I don’t want to try them.

Taste Guru June Box Cheatin’ Wheat 3-in-1 Muffin Mix: A perfect Muffin Mix ready for you to make muffins in 30 min or less. I haven’t made these yet but I will soon! The ingredients are sorghum flour, sweet rice flour, potato starch, potato flour, cane sugar, flax meal, salt, baking soda and xanthan gum. All you need is oil, 1 egg, bananas and vanilla. Super easy and looks yummy!

Will I keep tasting with Taste Guru?

Absolutely! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this gluten-free subscription box. It’s one the best boxes I’ve ever received. For only $24/month you are definitely getting your money’s worth. Gluten-free living has never been easier. Thanks to Taste Guru life gets better every month. I can’t wait for next month!

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