Taste Guru March Box Review

Taste Guru is a monthly gluten-free subscription box. I was really excited to try this box, because I am gluten-free and love finding new snacks I haven’t tried before. Let me be honest, I have an addiction to snacks. The kind of addiction where my purse, car and cupboard have delicious easy to grab goodies. When I heard about Taste Guru, my first thought was “more goodies to stash in my car and consume when nobody’s looking, like a greedy troll!” Is it bad I prefer to smear my face with chocolate than eat a carrot?

I checked my mail and saw my Taste Guru box. I pushed the first person I saw out of the way and ran inside with my box in hand. When you first open the box your eyes are greeted with a lovely information card about all the contents inside. The back of the card was a recipe for brownies. Yum!

First item in the box was;

Dang, toasted coconut chips: Let me tell you, they were DANG good! If you like the taste of coconut, then you’ll love these. They are perfectly crispy and slightly sweet.

IPS egg white chips: I was slightly disappointed to see that they expire in 1 week. I’ve tried this brand before and they are tasty but not my favorite. They are basically made out of non-gmo corn flour and egg whites.

Level Life Protein Snack Bar: This bar was really good. It was chocolatey and carmely, perfect amount of chewy and oh so delicious. It tasted almost like a Balance Bar.

Swoffle Traditional Dutch Treat: Okay… I don’t really have words for this. It was amazing! It’s a gluten free waffle cookie filled with caramel, plus it’s made with organic ingredients. It is quite chewy, but the taste is unbelievable.

Yum Earth Naturals Sour Beans: I love Yum Earth, I’ve tried some of their other organic candies, but I haven’t tried the sour beans. There were two sample bags included in the box. I tossed one to my boyfriend, who consumed them quite fast. I nibbled on the second bag and caught myself going back later to eat the last few beans. They weren’t too sweet or too sour, just right.

Tea’s Tea Jasmine Green Tea: I haven’t tried this drink yet, but it looks tasty. I love jasmine green tea and this drink is unsweetened, even better!

Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread: Chocolate Hazelnut spread is one of the greatest creations and this spread is no exception. A sample comes in a cute little cardboard cut out of the actual jar.

Mamma Chia Squeeze: These are so good! I’ve tried them before, but I haven’t tried this flavor; blackberry bliss. A perfect on the go snack.

Better Batter Fudge Brownie Mix: This WHOLE box was included! Seeing a giant box of brownie mix, made me love this subscription even more.

The last item would have been Ass Kickin Honey Roasted Peanuts. Unfortunately I didn’t receive these in my box. They were roasted with a honey habanero seasoning, sweet and spicy – yum.

Overall, I was very pleased with this months box. It was definitely worth the price. About 10 items included and 4 of them full size, 6 were large samples. I can’t wait to make the brownies. I don’t know if I can contain my excitement for next months box!

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