The Good, The Bad and The Icelandic Part Two

I told you all about our first day in Iceland so I’m going to begin the second day. But first my experience coming back to the US.

I made it back to Seattle yesterday night, going through passport control and customs scared me a little. Some of the guys were pretty mean. One lady was taken away in handcuffs, which I think wasn’t necessary. When it was my turn in line, I of course got the meanest guy. I can’t even explain how hard my heart was pounding. He seemed to have taken a lot longer looking over my customs and passport than anyone else. I probably looked terrified but I was really working on keeping my cool, on the outside. He was just a butt head, choosing to freak me out a little more. I was so glad to be done with that. But then as we walked to get our luggage we had people stopping us and checking our customs paper and passport again. Then we had another guy standing on one side with a gun at his side and another guy with a dog on the other side and they checked our passports as well. I was terrified. I made the mistake to smile at the dog and the guy with the gun stared me down like I might be a suspect or something. I put my head down and continued walking.

We finally got through everything and took a cab back to my aunts apartment. When we got home we snacked on a bunch of stuff (ok I may have ate more than I should’ve but I was stressed from the airport thing) and showed our pictures to my grandma. Then I took a shower and went to bed.

Friday, March 2nd:

Friday was my birthday. Woohoo! We had a tour at 8:30am so at 7:30 we went and ate breakfast in our hotel. They had nice selections, some things were gross. But of course I loved the whole selections of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Every morning I filled a bowl with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, raisins, and 3 dried plums. Then I mixed it with some type of icelandic yogurt cream. It was delicious. They also had shots of cold liver oil. But also, of course I had to have some bacon on the side. I’m slightly convinced it was seal bacon… Didn’t quite taste like good crisp bacon. More seal tasting with a hint of puffin. I was still excited and satisfied anyway because it was my birthday.



After that we got into the tour bus and drove off. The first tour we saw some amazing water falls. They were incredible. We also saw geysers and I stood in one spot for almost 15 minutes trying to get a video of the geyers erupting. I missed it the first 2 times and by then my fingers were frozen in place. I finally did get the video, tho. It was all worth it.






We made a few other stops at the North Altantic Ocean and took some more pictures of the mountains and the land. Our tour was over by 5pm and our next one started at 7:30. We went back to our hotel room and relaxed a bit. This next tour was a jeep tour at night to see the Nortern Lights. We went down to the lobby and saw it was canceled but that couldn’t be right. So for an hour 4 other people of my aunt and I waited around and we tried to get a hold of the tour information guide. We were told it wasn’t canceled. And about an hour later we all were in the jeep heading out into the night.



First we drove for about 30-40 min to the middle of no where. Our driver, she was crazy. All of a sudden she pulls off the road and we are driving uncontrollably through sand. My aunt and I were sitting in the very back so my aunts seat and my own were not connected in the back, we were flying all over the place. All of a sudden she stops and I look out the window and see a dark crazy looking sea. Our tour guide then pulls out a bottle of alcohol, which she said was called black death, and then shot glasses. She started pouring shots and handing them around. I politely declined. My aunt said it tasted nasty.

After the shots she says we are at the Arctic Sea. Wow. We got out of the car and it was so windy I almost got knocked over. Add that and the freezing cold weather, you get one heck of an experience.



We left the Sea and drove crazy back to this little restaurant, also in the middle of no where. We had a catered lobster dinner. Unfortunately I’m allergic to shell fish so I had some other dish, shell fish free and gluten free. I don’t know what I was eating. At all. But it was quite tasty. I was trying to use some of my cooking skills to taste what ingredients were in my food.

We were sitting at a long welcoming table with the people from our tour and other tours. This Jewish mother seemed to be trying to get me interested in her son. She told me he was 21 and had him sit next to me and a lot of the time she would say something about her son that was suppose to impress me. She was also trying to get him a job with the other people at our table. I’ll tell you I was not interested. Not one bit. I was still absorbed in my food to notice anything further, trying to figure out what was going on my fork, into my mouth, and down into my stomach.

After dinner we all headed back into the jeep. Unfortunately it was cloudy outside so we weren’t able to see the Northern Lights. That didn’t stop all the tour guides to give us the time of our lives (until we almost died)…

I have to go to work so Part 3 will be later. I thought I would add some suspense to get you all intrigued. Is it working? It’s working on me and I already know what happened…

Please excuse any spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Also some pictures may be slightly blurry due to trying take them with my phone on a moving bus. That doesn’t change the amazing experience I had.

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