The Good, The Bad and The Icelandic Part 1

I’m sitting here in the Iceland airport waiting for our flight in an hour. We experienced a lot, had good laughs, heard a different language, and ate food, which we had no idea what it was half the time.

Our first day in Iceland:

We arrived in Iceland at 6:30am on Friday. I was tired, hungry and slightly moody along with bursts of excitement and nervousness. We got past the passport control (whew) and went outside to catch the bus to our hotel. The drive from the airport to our hotel was a little more than an hour. It was dark outside so we couldn’t see anything (the sun rises around 9am). I sat and stared out the window into the darkness for an hour. I know exciting.

We to to our hotel at about 9am. We checked in early and got some breakfast. It was fun, there was such a variety of food. I ate a lot, I mean come on, you have a line of food in front of you and the lighting is hitting it just right making everything look amazing, how can you not try everything?

After breakfast we went on our first tour for the day. For the tour we went around the city Reykjavik. We saw Hallgrímskirkja church. It was built by 2 people and it took 40 years to build. It was beautiful. We then saw some museums and a tall viewing deck. The city is actually quite big. I pictured a small cute little town but it’s actually a city. Some of the building are adorable but it is a city. Big surprise. After that my aunt and I walked around the city and explored some of the shops. We were very confused by the money but on our last day here I was becoming a pro.
Here are some pictures of the town.





We also stopped and saw the building Höfði House, where Reagan and Gorbachev met in 1986 to begin the process of ending the Cold War.


After all that we ate at Cafe restaurant. The food was not food I wanted to eat, ever. So I just chose a salad with chicken (I’m not even sure if it was chicken. It could’ve been puffin breasts). Here is some of what was on the menu.


I’m about to board the plane now, I’ll post part two of our trip when I get back into the US. That is if they let me through. I’m nervous and when I’m nervous I always get that look on my face like I actually did some thing wrong. I’ll try to think positive and hope for the best. But I kept getting stopped and held up in iceland. Why me? It must be my new sweater


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