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You’ve probably noticed by now, I not only write recipes. I also write posts on things that inspire me, my thoughts, living an organic pure life, and the things that make me smile. The category All Things Wonderful, is for all of that. When I’m not baking and making up recipes (which is rare) I’ll be writing.

Before I go on, please be aware that this is a long post, however the end is worth it.

I have this little “game” I like to do when I’m out. Not very many people know about it, I don’t even think my mom knows. I love to watch and observe people, trying to figure out their story. What they’re thinking, what their life is like, if they have a family, was their morning pleasant or did they wake up sad? It’s a way for me to practice “reading” people. I find it very fascinating and have even read many books on studying human behavior and body language.  But it also is a fun way to connect with these strangers, even if they don’t even realize it. It’s my way of figuring people out and telling a secret story.

Once upon a time in a world full of every kind of unique individual, every emotion, every type of body language, every expression, there was a brown haired, green eyed girl sitting in a cozy, soft lit coffee shop. Filled with the smell of coffee and the sounds of the coffee machine working away, as steam sprays up in the air, coffee being poured into sturdy cardboard cups. Milk being foamed and with a delicate art form, mixed in with the coffee causing a unique design to form. Chairs are being shuffled around, ringing is heard by the bell on the white wooden door from the eager customers entering the inviting coffee shop, ready to drink down their favorite caffeinated drink. Laughter, deep conversations, business meetings being met, and the sound of fingers typing away on a keyboard, all are being heard.

The girl sitting in this welcoming coffee shop, is none other than myself. There were 3 individuals who I really observed that day. Lets start with the first person. He was a handsome young man, late 20’s I’m guessing. He was wearing dark slim fitting jeans, a collared short sleeve light blue shirt. He had wavy short brown hair with blue eyes and only wore glasses when reading. I choose to observe him because well first off, he was gorgeous! I look at things I like (who doesn’t?)  Second, something about him was different, mysterious even. The way he held his body, how his foot seemed to tap to his own rhythm, he was also very serious about whatever he was writing.  Next I observed more, no wedding ring so he most likely wasn’t married, he had no electronics with him (that I could see), just a pen and a almost fully used notebook. Now after I observed and admired his dashing good looks, I developed my story for him….

First off to make it clear, because I’m actually laughing at what I’m picturing in my head. I was not creeping or stalking on him. I wasn’t sitting in my chair facing him, staring him down. It’s very VERY subtle. I’ve gotten good at watching people without them knowing. Okay, Lol that just sounds creepy. You get my point, I hope…

Back to my story. This man, I called him Luke, he looked like a Luke. He’s a very deep writer, from what his facial expression were doing. What ever he was writing about seemed intense. He writes intense romance, adventure novels. He seemed to have had hardly any sleep, probably stayed up late writing. But my guess was he got into an argument with a girl, possibly his girl friend. He didn’t look at peace. He probably woke up early that morning, threw on his wrinkled shirt from the day before, ran his hands through his hair, poured a glass of orange juice and toasted some bread. While he was munching on his toast he was rummaging around his apartment, grabbing his notebook, pens, and notes from a late night writing after an argument. He then threw everything into his briefcase, got into his car and drove to the coffee shop. He immediately ordered a large coffee, no cream, no sugar and spread out at a table to begin writing where he left off. He seems to be a lonely, stressed man, with a passion for writing. Writing is his escape, by writing the stories he creates, he gets to escape from the stressful world around him. He writes his life and he lives it through the characters in the book. He spends his morning at the coffee shop, avoiding the world and what waits for him when he leaves. His phone rings from inside his briefcase and he picks it up. His face becomes stressed, he closed his lips tightly, ran his hand through his hair and quickly packed up. It was a girl, probably the same girl from the night before. She seemed upset, he seemed like he didn’t want to deal with it. All he wanted was to be back into his own world. He then left the coffee shop, as the bell rings on the door and it quickly closes. He was gone. He’ll go handle things with the girl, then head back to his dark apartment, the only light on his desk, lighting the paper and pen as he writes.

The second observation, was of two beautiful people a young man and young woman, in there 20’s. One appeared to be an artist, the other appeared to have a creative aspect as well. Maybe a designer? They were in love, you could see it in their eyes. They couldn’t take their eyes off of each other. They both had brown hair, and dressed well, artsy, stylish, portland vibe. There was no doubt the chemistry between them, you could almost see it around them. However there was one thing. They didn’t fully seem to be a couple. There was some hesitation between them. Maybe they both weren’t sure what the other one felt? But you could see they each cared deeply about the other. I don’t think I was the only one who noticed…

They have been friends for awhile, the young woman, Kate she goes to art school. You can tell she has a passion for art. The young man, Samuel he has a love for creativity and the design aspect of it. This is part of where they connect. They each have a passion for creativity. Kate looked beautiful, she woke up excited for this meeting with Samuel, danced around happily, dressed in her best clothes, took time doing her hair and make up and texted her best friend about how nervous she was meeting Samuel. When she arrived at the coffee shop she saw Samuel, he walked up to her, gave her a hug and bought her a coffee. They both sat down at a table by the window. Kate’s foot was taping nervously while she clung to her coffee cup trying to appear calm. Samuel looked calm, but he kept touching his hair, wiping his hands on his jeans, and made great eye contact with Kate. Probably thinking the eye contact will make him appear calm, and collected. But he was freaking out on the inside. They both were nervous, yet you could tell they both were in love. They seemed afraid of what they were feeling for each other. I think they’ll end up getting over that and be together.

I observed them for a little bit. Then went back to my book, smiling at all the people around me. There are so many stories i’ve put together for different people. I don’t always give them a story, sometimes I just read their facial expressions and body language to try and figure out how they are feeling. I’ve come across some people who seem so sad, it breaks my heart. I want to make them happy.

By watching people, I’ve realized how important it is to always be kind. We don’t know what people are going through, we all have our own stories, we all have certain things we are each dealing with. There is no reason to express hate or anger towards someone, even if you are having a bad day. Go out and make that day better for someone else. You’ll be surprised it will actually make your day better as well. If we all could treat each other with kindness and love, a lot more people would be happier.

A while ago a lot of kids were committing suicide and there was this note that stuck out to me. One of the kids wrote a note before he died. It said “If someone passing me on the street just said a simple hello, I would’ve reconsidered committing suicide.” After reading that, I’m more aware of the simple things that can help someone. Now when I pass a person on the street, I’ll smile at them and say hello. It’s actually quite wonderful, because they seem to not expect it and they immediately smile back and say “hello”.

Go out and make someone else’s day. You’ll never know how much you can change a persons life, just by being friendly and kind.

Creative thoughts?