Up and coming Gluten-Free (possibly Vegan) bagels


I stole that picture off the internet I had to, really…Shhhh…I haven’t had a bagel in a while… I know depressing. It’s not because there aren’t any gluten-free bagels out there. There are, but they aren’t as tasty, or as healthy as I would like. Real bummer. But instead of just sitting around and complaining about never having a soft, chewy, delicious bagel again, I have been researching, and researching, and a little more researching on how to make gluten-free bagels (possibly vegan). Every recipe I have found, i’m not fond of. Most of them use corn starch, or rice flours, I don’t like that. I want to make bagels healthy, and filled with the types of grains our body needs. Not fill it with “white” carbs, which end up turning into sugar once in your body. So, what am I going to do now? I am going to experiment with my own flours – buckwheat, sorghum, teff, flax meal. I have researched enough recipes to get the right ratios, so I am going to make up my own recipe by throwing random items and ingredients into a bowl, hoping for the best bagels, ever.

Today is cleaning day in our house, so I will be cleaning, and organizing, and cleaning some more all day. I might sneak in some time to work on these bagels. But if not, i’ll do it tomorrow. So stay tuned for an amazing, healthy recipe. If I mess them up tomorrow, I may throw myself on the floor. Then i’ll try to control myself and start all over again. So tomorrow there may be a post with a successful recipe and one happy baker, or a post with an ashamed story on why the bagels didn’t turn out, (like my macarons). However, when I made the macarons again they turned out great, and I never made a mistake. After so many mistakes that day, i’m not sure if I could have handled another one. I might have thrown a rock through the window (or a loaf of bread).

Get ready, because i’m at it again.


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